All About Me

A photograph of Corey Maynard

As expected, my name is Corey Maynard. I finished college at University of Central Florida, Orlando in 2010. After four years there, I earned a Bachelors of Arts in Digital Media, and a minor in Secure Computing and Networking (SCAN). I am now living in Baltimore, Maryland, and enjoying the new location.

What I do

I currently work as a Software Engineer. In my spare time at home, I work to learn more about the web, and improve my skills as a designer and developer.

I am also an active photographer. Around 2006 I first entered into the world of photography with a film camera, and found the art to be very interesting. I quickly grew weary of the slow processing time of film, and jumped into the digital world. While web work is my focus, I hope to continue photography on the side, as both a hobby and source of minor income. I worked as a Staff Photographer with the Central Florida Future at the University of Central Florida for two years.

Additionally, I am an avid rock climber, spending at least two nights a week scaling walls in the gym and dreaming of the next trip to the great out doors.