There are 26 posts in the Linux category:

  1. Adding the PHP Documentation to Vim

    In which I integrate PHP documentation into Vim

  2. Extending a JavaScript Function

    In which I tack on additional functionality to a method.

  3. CentOS serving home directory with Apache

    In which I configure the webserver to host user home directories.

  4. Django in a virtualenv

    In which I configure Django to run inside a virtual envrioment

  5. Configuring a Static IP Behind a proxy in CentOS

    In which I've written down how to quickly get a CentOS machine up and running online.

  6. Creating a Custom init.d Script on Fedora

    In which I discover how to write scripts to manage my daemons.

  7. Improving svn diff with the Power of Vim

    In which I write a script to make diffing files a pleasure.

  8. Password Free Putty and TortoiseSVN

    In which I discover the joys of Password free interaction of PuTTY and TortoiseSVN.

  9. An Antivirus Program for Fedora

    In which I install and setup ClamAV on Fedora.

  10. Something Quick and Simple

    In which I discover the purpose of the svn-commit.tmp file.

  11. Converting to Python

    In which I discover the awesomeness that exists with Python and the Django framework, and explain why I no longer wish to write PHP code ever again.

  12. Mouse Touchpad Options

    In which I figure out how to enable two finger scrolling on my laptop, and one other neat feature in Fedora.

  13. A Web Server in Fedora 12

    In which I describe how to install, configure, and run a web development server with Django, MySQL, PHP, and PHPMyAdmin on an install of Fedora 12. This is everything you need except for the application you want to develop.

  14. Installing Fedora 12 - Part I

    In which I describe my process of upgrading from Fedora 10 to Fedora 12, and give some tips on some crucial programs to get installed after the install is complete.

  15. Choosing an IRC Client

    In which I talk about picking an Internet Relay Chat client, and some basic configuration of one of the command line variants.

  16. SSH and Port Forwarding

    In which I give a detailed walkthrough on setting up an Ubuntu install to be remotely accessed through SSH from outside a local network.

  17. Mod Rewrite and Pretty URLs

    In which I talk about some changes I''ve made to the website, and how they make things so much better. Basically, how to write simple ModRewrite rules to create so called ''Pretty URLs''.'

  18. Creating your .conkyrc File

    In which I cover configuring Conky to create an appealing and informative side panel on your desktop.

  19. Compiz-Fusion and xorg.conf

    In which I restore a broken xorg.conf file to functionality, and in the process re-enable Compiz-Fusion.

  20. Conky Configuration

    In which I give some tips on making Conky interact politely with Compiz.

  21. Conky System Monitor

    In which I install and setup Conky and prepare to create a wicked awesome theme for it.

  22. A Simple Bash Script

    In which I post a simple Bash shell script to easily start, stop, and restart the LAMPP development environment.

  23. Linux Gains Another User

    In which I talk about how I installed Ubuntu on a family laptop, the struggle to get everything working properly, and the hand off to a satisfied new Linux user.

  24. Arch Linux

    In which I discuss installing, configuring and setting up a development environment in Arch Linux.

  25. Searching for Linux

    In which I experiment with multiple different distributions of Linux to find a suitable candidate for an old underpowered desktop computer I was given.

  26. Hello, World

    In which I send greetings to the whole world. Whether or not it wants it.