There are 9 posts in the PHP category:

  1. Introduction to Composer

    In which I use Composer to manage my PHP dependencies.

  2. Creating a RESTful API with PHP

    In which I layout the structure of a RESTful PHP API

  3. Adding the PHP Documentation to Vim

    In which I integrate PHP documentation into Vim

  4. Using Google's Closure to Compile and Verify your JavaScript

    In which I significantly decrease page load time in my application

  5. Finding what Stinks, and Cleaning up the Mess

    in which I establish some code conventions for PHP.

  6. Leveraging the Power of Abstract Classes

    In which I use an Abstract Class to create a structure for other classes.

  7. Magic in PHP

    In which I describe how to make magic happen with PHP.

  8. A Web Server in Fedora 12

    In which I describe how to install, configure, and run a web development server with Django, MySQL, PHP, and PHPMyAdmin on an install of Fedora 12. This is everything you need except for the application you want to develop.

  9. Conversion to Classes

    In which I talk about updates that have been made to this website, and how they have vastly improved the code structure of the site.