Hello, World

5, Nov 2008


With the relaunch of coreymaynard.com, I hope to start an on going blog of my thoughts and opinions on design and development of web sites and services, as well as experimentations in Linux.

The first couple posts will be related to the re-creation of this site itself - as I've experimented with a lot of new processes while creating this.

While the core of the site is basically complete, lots more work is necessary to finish the look. As I create these new features, I'll provide a running description of what's happening and how I'm doing it.

So, this current version of the site makes use of some of the code from earlier versions, specifically, the Web gallery and Contact form are the same. Everything else is new. In addition to talking about the new features that will be added, I will also dedicate several of the upcoming posts to describing how things are set up to run the site.


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