Cyber Situational Awareness

What is Cyber Situational Awareness?

Cyber Situational Awareness (CSA) is exactly what standard situational awareness would be, except for in the Cyber world. Having an accurate understanding of the situation at hand is crucial to make important decisions in real time, and in cyber warfare that knowledge is just as important as in real world battlefield situations. The idea of CSA is for a analyst or commander to be able to quickly understand the events that are happening on their network, allowing them to make the necessary decisions to react correctly.

The Standard Approach

Many existing tools that attempt to provide Cyber Situational Awareness use geospatial information to map IP addresses on a geographical map; however this is a very weak way to present information th...

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Mount Vernon Urbanites

The Mount Vernon Urbanites is a social organization for young professionals who live or work in the neighborhoods of Mount Vernon & Midtown-Belvedere in Baltimore, Maryland

I volunteered to design and develop a web site for the organization shortly after its formation. Working with a committee of members we discussed the intended purpose that the website would serve, decided on sections and content, and then picked a final design that I developed.

Design Thoughts

This project was my introduction to Twitter Bootstrap - an excellent front-end framework that allows for quickly developed strong code. Additionally it provides built in support for responsive design - the process of creating one design that changes depending on the device's screen size tha...

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To Be Done 3 (TBD3)

About the Project

To Be Done 3 (TBD3) is the next iteration of the Techrangers’ internally based work flow system. The primary function of the Techrangers team is to take Microsoft Word documents developed by university instructors for their online courses, and convert them into semantic and accessible XHTML documents. To do this, the team had created TBD some time ago, and then later released TBD2. This application is used as a tool for the team and other teams in the department to manage requests for document conversion.

For TBD3 we wanted to make things as easy as possible for everyone involved, so large amounts of effort went into reworking the process of how requests are created and assigned to people. Also we worked to integrate time tracking of work performed on e...

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Central Florida Rowing v2

It had been two years since I’d done anything with the Central Florida Rowing web site, and I felt that it was due for a serious rework. Especially since it had been created when I was just starting to learn my way around PHP, and I now had a much greater knowledge base.

Design Work

I knew that a complete redesign was necessary. On the old version, the navigation bar was way too large, there where far too many links available. I knew that I needed to find some way of simplifying that, but still keeping many of those pages. Also, the old site’s layout felt very random. There was no system in the placement of objects and text, I was sure that I could do better now.

So, I began working on a new design. This time, using a grid system; to be specific, the 960 grid. Usin...

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One of the first large projects that I worked on while at the Techrangers, I wrote the code to power the new team website. I had the privilege of working with Chet Bortz who created the entire design for the site. He’s got an excellent eye for design.

Working with WordPress

The new Techrangers site was the first of a push to using Wordpress as a CMS for forward facing websites for some of the university’s projects. This was my first time working with Wordpress, and I found it a pleasure to work in. Wordpress theming is done by creating template files that can be reused, or be unique for each page. Also, it is common to move much of the functionality out into a separate functions file. ...

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Portfolio V3


Between the development of the first Crew website, and the creation of this, I had done a lot of work teaching myself more about the web, HTML, CSS, and PHP. However, I had produced no real work of note.

The Previous Incarnation of this Site

Prior to this redesign, featured a very simply created PHP site to manage my portfolio. I quickly grew tired of it, and felt that I needed a new and improved website. I also felt like starting a blog, as I had just been introduced to Fedora Linux, and was learning a lot about the OS as I was finding my way around. It seemed like an excellent idea to not only share my knowledge with anyone else who may be interested, but to compile it somewhere so that I could use it as a refer...

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Central Florida Rowing

And So It Began

Developing this site was my real introduction to web design and development. Coming in with just limited experience with HTML and CSS, I knew that I wanted to push my boundaries. I set out with the high reaching goal of developing a dynamic website with a CMS, photo storage, an alumni list, and a stored history of races and results for the team to manage. I began teaching myself PHP, one of the more common server side languages.

While learning the language, I began creating several different mockup designs to show to the team board for approval. Once we settled on a design, it became time to start marking it up. Being not quite a master at HTML and CSS at this time (At least I knew not to use tables for layout), this was also a learning experienc...

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