Central Florida Rowing v2

Project Details

Mon 10, Aug 2009
Tue 20, Oct 2009
Central Florida Rowing
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • (X)HTML
  • CSS

It had been two years since I’d done anything with the Central Florida Rowing web site, and I felt that it was due for a serious rework. Especially since it had been created when I was just starting to learn my way around PHP, and I now had a much greater knowledge base.

Design Work

I knew that a complete redesign was necessary. On the old version, the navigation bar was way too large, there where far too many links available. I knew that I needed to find some way of simplifying that, but still keeping many of those pages. Also, the old site’s layout felt very random. There was no system in the placement of objects and text, I was sure that I could do better now.

So, I began working on a new design. This time, using a grid system; to be specific, the 960 grid. Using a grid provides an excellent way of structuring a page layout in an orderly fashion. It ensures that every object is placed in rhythm with it’s surrounding objects, and that the entire layout flows together. My solution to the overflowing navigation menu was to strip out all but the most important pages from it, and use those as the main navigation. All the remaining pages were created as a sub page of one of the primary level navigation links. This served it’ purpose excellently and significantly simplified the design of the site.

The color choices seemed fitting - black and gold being University of Central Florida’s official colors. I found no reason to go about changing those.


On this site I poured in the knowledge that I’d gained from all the other previous work I’d done. Like my portfolio at the time, it was Object Oriented, but even this was cleaner and less forced now that it was when I developed my portfolio.

I was greatly influenced by WordPress when developing this site. I created a dashboard similar to Wordpress&rsuo; and wrote my own templating system to handle custom pages. Also, since I knew that I needed subpages, I wrote my own inheritance system for the pages as well that decides how to place a page.