Central Florida Rowing

Project Details

Mon 25, Jun 2007
Sat 25, Aug 2007
Central Florida Rowing
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • (X)HTML
  • CSS

And So It Began

Developing this site was my real introduction to web design and development. Coming in with just limited experience with HTML and CSS, I knew that I wanted to push my boundaries. I set out with the high reaching goal of developing a dynamic website with a CMS, photo storage, an alumni list, and a stored history of races and results for the team to manage. I began teaching myself PHP, one of the more common server side languages.

While learning the language, I began creating several different mockup designs to show to the team board for approval. Once we settled on a design, it became time to start marking it up. Being not quite a master at HTML and CSS at this time (At least I knew not to use tables for layout), this was also a learning experience.

After the basic markup was complete, it was time to start developing the server side of the site, the power house behind the presentation. This served as an excellent introduction to PHP/MySQL interaction, as I wrote all the queries and output by hand myself. Additionally, here I learned about the massive benefits of creating templates, and including them into the application, something that was not possible with a static site. Most of the logic and processing was done in page, but some things were abstracted out into a functions file which was included where needed to simplify matters.

When everything was finished, I had developed a website that was compatible with all major browsers at the time, featured a fully functional administrator back end to allow team officers to post news, add photos, add races and results, and manage the alumni list. At the time, I was quite proud of it understandably, but now I just list it here for history’s sake: a reminder of how far things have come since then.