Mount Vernon Urbanites

Project Details

Thu 15, Aug 2013
Sun 10, Mar 2013
Mt. Vernon Urbanites
  • MySQL
  • (X)HTML
  • CSS
  • Python
  • Django

The Mount Vernon Urbanites is a social organization for young professionals who live or work in the neighborhoods of Mount Vernon & Midtown-Belvedere in Baltimore, Maryland

I volunteered to design and develop a web site for the organization shortly after its formation. Working with a committee of members we discussed the intended purpose that the website would serve, decided on sections and content, and then picked a final design that I developed.

Design Thoughts

This project was my introduction to Twitter Bootstrap - an excellent front-end framework that allows for quickly developed strong code. Additionally it provides built in support for responsive design - the process of creating one design that changes depending on the device's screen size that it is accessed through. The intention of this is to create a consistent layout throughout the different devices with as little effort as possible. Bootstrap fills this need excellently!

Developing MVU

The MVU web site is written in Django 1.5. I've used Django in several of my other projects, and it is a favorite of mine. I ended up writing a basic implementation of Django CMS to run the application. With that in mind, each Page is composed of multiple Components, where a Component is either a Text or Image. These components are added dynamically through the Django Admin, and can be in any order. This allows the user to build a page of text and images in any flow and placement. Additionally, each Page has a Parent which ties to another Page object, allowing for a hierarchical structure to be created. Finally, each page has a Template as well, allowing for custom HTML and JavaScript to be placed on specific pages.

The code base for MVU is available on my GitHub account at