Project Details

Wed 06, May 2009
Sat 12, Sep 2009
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • (X)HTML
  • CSS

One of the first large projects that I worked on while at the Techrangers, I wrote the code to power the new team website. I had the privilege of working with Chet Bortz who created the entire design for the site. He’s got an excellent eye for design.

Working with WordPress

The new Techrangers site was the first of a push to using Wordpress as a CMS for forward facing websites for some of the university’s projects. This was my first time working with Wordpress, and I found it a pleasure to work in. Wordpress theming is done by creating template files that can be reused, or be unique for each page. Also, it is common to move much of the functionality out into a separate functions file.

Wordpress has been made to make it as easy as possible to hook into the system from your custom theme. Nearly everything you can imagine yourself needing is only a function call away. My only complaint (and it’s not really a complaint) about it is that there is so much available that it can easily become overwhelming. Luckily though, there is a rather good documentation system out there for reference: the Wordpress Codex. From here you can find out anything you need to know.

Other Points of Interest

This was also the first time that I had worked on a project where my code was going to be passed on to other people to maintain and continue to develop, so it was an interesting experience for me to make sure that all the code I produced was clean, documented and sensible (not to say that I hadn’t done this in other work, but here it there was some extra reason to make doubly sure.) Additionally, this was the first time that I worked with Subversion - a centralized version control system that tracks any and all changes to the code.